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Thursday morning, 11 am

Oakland North reporters went out to different locations across Oakland on Thursday, October 22, between 11 a.m. and noon to observe what happens throughout the city on an ordinary weekday morning.

“Spooktacular” event builds community and empowers children to follow their dreams

The event was what the library called a “spooktacular” event, co-sponsored with We Tell Our Stories Sister Film Collective, Pan-African Network and PeoplesWorld.Org. The purpose was to build confidence, self-esteem, solidarity and good mental health...
bicycle lane separate from cars

Bicycle Coalition Plans Controversial Cycling Lane for Telegraph Avenue

The East Bay Bike Coalition is currently in the planning stages of a potential bike lane for Telegraph Avenue. As they consider several designs to help keep cyclists safer, however, they are finding themselves running...

OAKTOWN EATS: Injera and Berbere Sauce on Telegraph

By ALEXIA UNDERWOOD (Shilanda Woolridge and Ayako Mie contributed to this review.) The proliferation of Ethiopian and Eritrean restaurants along Telegraph Avenue is one of North Oakland’s less celebrated features.  Yet, once you’ve tried it,...