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Rebecca Kaplan, sitting next to facilitator Jesse Allen-Taylor, right, speaks to members of the John George Democratic club on Saturday. Joe Tuman, left, spoke afterward on his plans for the future after coming in fourth in November's Mayoral race.

Oakland mayoral runners-up rehash race and look to the future

9:00 am – January 24, 2011

Rebecca Kaplan and Joe Tuman, second and third runners up in last fall’s mayoral election, shared their plans for the future and thoughts on the race’s outcome on Saturday.

Victoria Kolakowski sworn in as first openly transgender US trial judge

1:00 pm – January 5, 2011

As prolonged applause broke out from the crowd, Victoria Kolakowski, the first openly transgender trial judge in the United States, took her oath of office on Tuesday evening at the Asian Cultural Center in downtown Oakland. The special session of the California Superior Court drew more than a hundred people, including some LGBT community leaders and council members from several cities within Alameda County.

Video highlights from Jean Quan’s inauguration ceremony

2:24 pm – January 4, 2011

Jean Quan became Oakland’s 49th mayor on Monday as she was sworn in during a ceremony at the Fox Theatre. In her 12-minute inauguration speech, Quan spoke about her priorities for her term and asked residents to “dream of a better Oakland.” Watch this video of the ceremony and Quan’s historical walk from earlier on Monday.

Jean Quan is sworn into office as Oakland’s new mayor

5:31 pm – January 3, 2011

Jean Quan became Oakland’s new mayor during a ceremony at the Fox Theater in downtown Oakland on Monday; she is the first Asian American female mayor of any major U.S. city.

Exclusive video interview with mayor-elect Jean Quan

2:44 pm – December 9, 2010

On Sunday, December 5, Oakland North reporters sat down with mayor-elect Jean Quan at World Ground Café in the Laurel district. We asked Quan about her transition into the city’s executive office, and what she’ll do at the start of her term. Click through to see the video and a transcript.

How will Jerry Brown’s time in Oakland influence him as governor?

11:58 am – December 7, 2010

In January, Jerry Brown will return to Sacramento as California’s governor. How did his eight years in Oakland influence his thinking about housing, arts, education and leadership, and can the criticism, praise and ambivalence he drew from Oakland residents shed light on what’s store for California?

Dellums issues final State of the City, does not speak

4:26 pm – November 19, 2010

After cancelling a public speech initially planned for Wednesday, Oakland mayor Ron Dellums presented his final State of the City address as a 68-page written document and a video posted on his official website.

Oakland school board reflects on Measure L defeat

10:15 am – November 18, 2010

In their first meeting since the November election, Oakland’s school board members reflected somberly on the near-passage of Measure L, the $195 property tax that would have raised $20 million per year for ten years, increasing salaries for school employees.

Quan passes baton to Schaaf in District Four

2:16 pm – November 17, 2010

When Jean Quan chose to run for mayor this fall rather than for reelection to Oakland’s City Council, she left a vacuum in the city’s fourth municipal district, which she has represented on the council since 2003. Seven candidates vied for her seat, more than for any office on an Oaklander’s ballot other than the…

Mayor Dellums cancels final public address, moves online

5:19 pm – November 16, 2010

The last state of the city address by outgoing Oakland mayor Ron Dellums, scheduled for this Wednesday, was cancelled on Monday. Instead of a public speech, the mayor will deliver his closing remarks on his four year term in a speech posted online in text and video form.

Quan celebrates victory, fundraises to alleviate campaign debt

12:01 pm – November 13, 2010

A wave of applause and a flurry of camera flashes greeted Mayor-elect Jean Quan on Friday night at her celebratory dinner, marking the end of her campaign and the beginning of her transition to becoming Oakland’s first female and Asian American mayor. “Did we make history? We made history,” Quan said proudly to nearly 200 people who attended the dinner at King of King, a Chinese restaurant in East Oakland.

After election, ranked-choice voting gets mixed reviews

4:36 pm – November 12, 2010

Oakland’s first experiment with ranked-choice voting, the system in which enough second and third-choice votes can propel a trailing candidate to victory, led to Jean Quan’s upset of former state Senator Don Perata. It also led to a robust argument about the system itself.

In China, Quan’s Mayoral Victory is “Huihuang!” — “Glorious!”

3:32 pm – November 12, 2010

It was 10 o’ clock in the morning in Beijing when the announcement that Jean Quan had won the Oakland mayoral race came out. About two hours later, readers of sina.com, sohu.com and 163.com—the three largest Chinese portals, where millions of Chinese consume their daily news, could learn about the new mayor of a city 10,000 miles away.

“Miracle: third-generation Chinese American is Oakland’s new mayor” was the headline on the website of Qiaobao, the largest Chinese-language newspaper in the U.S. Its front-page op-ed, using language even more emphatic than any from Quan’s campaign, read, “Jean Quan gloriously rewrites the political history of America.”

Don Perata concedes mayoral race, will not contest results

12:21 pm – November 11, 2010

At a Thursday morning press conference, former state senator Don Perata conceded defeat in the race for Oakland mayor, saying that he was disappointed with the outcome of Oakland’s first ranked-choice election but would not contest the results.

Breaking: Jean Quan is Oakland’s new mayor

6:09 pm – November 10, 2010

City council member Jean Quan has become Oakland’s newest mayor, according to a provisional announcement made by the Alameda County Registrar of Voters Wednesday evening. After the official count ended, Quan received 50.98 percent of the vote, beating former state senator Don Perata, who garnered only 49.02 percent.

In mayor’s race, biggest spenders led the first-choice tally

4:06 pm – November 10, 2010

In one of the most expensive local mayoral campaigns in recent memory, you get what you pay for—at least when it comes to first-choice votes. According to voting and campaign finance data compiled by Oakland North, the distribution of Oakland residents’ first-choice votes in this year’s still-undecided Oakland mayoral race directly reflects the spending by each of the candidates.

One week later, education community disappointed by Measure L’s close defeat

2:12 pm – November 10, 2010

One week after Oakland voters defeated Measure L, a parcel tax that would have boosted city public teacher salaries, members of the city’s public education community are frustrated and disheartened. “I’m pretty disappointed, because it almost made it,” said Sam Davis, an adult education teacher at Manzanita SEED Academy in East Oakland. “It was so close.”

It’s Wednesday … do you know who your next mayor is?

9:38 am – November 10, 2010

As of Wednesday morning, eight days after Oakland voters went to the polls to select their new mayor from among a field of ten candidates, there is still no new information about the outcome of the city’s first-ranked choice election, according to officials at the Alameda County Registrar of Voters. The final tally remains unknown with no indication of when the results will be certified.

Registrar of Voters: No result for mayoral race

5:04 pm – November 8, 2010

Staff from the Alameda Registrar of Voters office announced that they would not declare an official winner in Oakland’s mayoral race today, as a “few thousand” provisional ballots have yet to be counted.

Final results for mayoral election expected today

12:05 pm – November 8, 2010

By 4:00 pm today, the Registrar of Voters expects to announce the complete results and winner of Oakland’s first ranked-choice mayoral election. Registrar of Voters Dave Macdonald said on Friday that the final tally, including the previously uncounted 15,000 mail-in ballots, will likely be released this afternoon. “Who knows what could happen?” Macdonald said.

Measure BB preserves tax, enhances safety services

9:00 am – November 7, 2010

After an election season filled with debate over Oakland’s public safety funding woes, voters passed Measure BB Tuesday by a two-thirds majority. The measure’s approval means the city will continue collecting parking and property taxes for police, fire and violence prevention programs.

In Oakland mayoral race, Quan takes lead over Perata

4:24 pm – November 5, 2010

Oakland mayoral candidate Jean Quan overtook fellow candidate Don Perata this afternoon in the computer-run calculation of second and third-choice votes in Oakland’s new ranked-choice voting system. Although several thousand votes remain uncounted, Quan said she’s “feeling very good” about the latest results.

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