1. Nicholas Vigilante on October 6, 2014 at 8:19 pm

    In my opinion, Ms. Broadhurst’s recent misuse of the Sierra Club logo on her campaign literature reflects an integrity problem on her part. This is not the first time that Ms. Broadhurst has done something like this, and it’s important for the voters to know about it before they cast their votes.

    Ms. Broadhurst is responsible for the same deceptive thing on an April Montclair Neighborhood Crime Prevention Council (NCPC) mailer sent to everyone in Montclair, and on her website when she claimed to be “the founding member” of the Montclair NCPC. She was forced by Nick Vigilante (me), one of two actual founders, to change her website. Now, Ms. Broadhurst’s website reads “a founding member.” This is still somewhat misleading because she was not involved in the beginning efforts to form the Montclair NCPC in 2002 and before she was elected to the inaugural NCPC Board in May 2003.

    The mailer I am referring to above was paid for by donations from Montclair residents collected by the Montclair NCPC. This money is suppose to be used for non-partisan activities such as safety and community betterment. If you examine the mailer, you will ask yourself why on earth would they give Ms. Broadhurst so much coverage on this mailer which promotes raising 60K in donations for a mural? This is not what an NCPC is used for – soft political campaigning?

    As you know, Oakland has high rates of crime and fire and eartquake safety risk factors. Those problems should be given priority consideration by NCPCs. The Montclair NCPC is attempting to raise 60K for a mural !!!. In my opinion, this is a misguided effort. Jill Broadhurst is the Chair of the Montclair NCPC and she is responsible for that NCPC does. Is this what Jill Broadhurst will do if she becomes a City Council Member?

    I hope you will consider the comments above before you decide which candidate you think is best for the City of Oakland.

    Nicholas Vigilante

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