The Parkway’s last hurrah

By Casey Miner and Tasneem Paghdiwala Raja/Oakland North

For twelve years, Oakland’s Parkway Speakeasy Theater was a community mainstay: a place to grab a beer, park yourself on a couch, watch a cheap movie and catch up with friends.

But like many other small businesses, the Parkway has had a hard time weathering the recession. Last Wednesday, owners Kyle and Catherine Fischer announced that a combination of money troubles and landlord issues meant the theater had to close.

Within 24 hours of the announcement, thousands of people joined a Facebook group dedicated to saving the theater. Tickets to the final weekend shows sold out hours in advance. And on Sunday night, with a line of well-wishers stretching around the block, the Parkway opened its doors for the last time.


  1. The Parkway was an Oakland institution and it’ll be missed. I hope the owners will be able to keep the Cerrito Speakeasy open.

  2. Nice! Camilo from Carne Cruda here. Latest news is that the Parkway will probably re-open, and we will play the opening night!

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