‘Day of the Dead’ narrows gap between living and spirit realm

Artist Nancy Hom describes her Dia de los Muertos altar.

Families and volunteers in colorful dresses filled the galleries and gardens at the Oakland Museum of California on Sunday afternoon for the 19th Annual Day of the Dead Community Celebration.

The festivities started with an ofrenda, or offering, in the garden, with the Danza Azteca Cuauhtona filling the air with the sound of drums, maracas, and coyoleras, bracelets made with seed rattles. The annual event celebrates the Mesoamerican tradition of honoring loved ones who have passed away.

Altars featured in the Gallery of California Natural Sciences created by Nancy Nom and other artists were in memory of family, friends, loved teachers, and victims of violence in Oakland. Museum patrons studied the altars, bought traditional sugar skulls, and made their own ofrendas.

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  1. Wow ,Day of the death ,very interesting ,nice tradition i wish i can participate one day. In my country is diferent ! People give some food when some relatives from family is die !:) Anyway ! Good luck guys i will keep read article very interesting !

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