Yolanda Martinez

Oakland greets the New Year with two protests

Oakland rang in the New Year with a pair of unauthorized protests; one organized by Occupy Oakland and the other by the Oscar Grant Foundation.

Oakland 2013: A year of change

Another year in Oakland showed how much the city can change and come together, demonstrating its vibrant, diverse character.

Bike thefts at BART stations are up dramatically

Bike thefts at BART stations spiked dramatically this summer, according to the latest BART Quarterly Report, as thieves have targeted vulnerable cable lock devices.

Family and friends hold vigil for Jahi McMath

More than 100 people attended a Wednesday night vigil for Jahi McMath, a 13-year-old girl who has been declared brain dead at Children’s Hospital after underground a routine tonsil surgery.

Rent Adjustment Program annual report draws criticism

The number of petitions and applications filed to the Rent Adjustment Program (RAP) rose by less than 6 percent last fiscal year, a steep drop from the year before that drew criticism from community members who said poor outreach is partly to blame.

Oakland hosts gun buyback event

Residents came to Youth Uprising Saturday where volunteers and Oakland Police officials processed handguns and assault riffles people turned in voluntarily. The gun buyback event ended with an unofficial count of 145 guns received in about six hours.

Private security divides Temescal

The quiet but vibrant Telegraph Avenue in the northwest side of Temescal is lined with busy coffee shops, small candlelit restaurants and thrift shops. It is a prime location for mugging — mostly cell phone snatching — in a neighborhood that is seeing robberies go up. The response to these crimes is dividing the neighborhood.

BART negotiations disintegrate into strike threat

Almost a full week of negotiations unraveled Thursday afternoon when union workers and BART management came to a stalemate and talks ended in the threat of a strike set to commence at midnight Thursday.

BART strike temporarily averted

A Friday morning BART strike was averted, but the possibility remains as talks between union leaders and BART management will continue through the weekend.