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UC Berkeley Graduate School of Journalism have been running Oakland North since 2008. Here are some of their adventures.


Oakland North is a news project of UC Berkeley’s Graduate School of Journalism. We started in 2008 with support from the Ford Foundation, but currently operate as an independent local news organization supported by UC Berkeley and your donations.

Oakland North, and our sister publication Richmond Confidential, are entirely staffed by graduate student reporters at the J-School. During the fall semester, our students are reporting for our core “boot camp” class in learning to report, a class we fondly know here as J200. In the spring, a smaller group of students pursue the continuation course, J201, as an elective, working on more complex, ambitious reporting pieces.

Our goals at Oakland North are to improve local coverage; to experiment with online and digital media; to teach young reporters to excel in their fairness and commitment to accuracy; and to listen to you–about the stories and features that most interest you, the issues that concern you, the information services you want, and the reporting you’d like to see undertaken in your own community. We aim to explore new ways to give communities back the coverage they’re losing as regional newspapers shrink–and also to be inventive about what digital journalism can do for all of us in the future. We’re learning new ways of telling stories in sound, in pictures, in cellphone dispatches, through data visualization, through social media and in other forms of reportage still under development.

Here are just a few of our

A Life Fulfilled — Charles Berkowitz’s touching multimedia report on the life of Teddy Berger-Greer, a four-year-old with a rare cancer called neuroblastoma. The story started as a short piece for Oakland North, and became a piece for the Creativist.

As the economy sinks, homeless people move onto abandoned boats — Amina Waheed investigates an economic phenomenon happening in Oakland’s marina community.



Oakland North’s Race to the Airport — in order to test the premise of Oakland’s new “BART to OAK” airport connector (that a BART train will get you there faster) we staged our own test. Four racers, traveling by bus, BART, bike and car had to make it from Bakesale Betty to the airport — while carrying a Thanksgiving pumpkin pie. Who would make it there fastest, and with the most intact pie?

Five Teenagers — Kate McLean, Mario Furloni and Richard Parks tell the story of five teenagers involved in the Teens on Target anti-violence program.

We hope to keep Oakland North a source of news and community conversation, and we welcome your comments and insights.

You can connect with Oakland North on Facebook, or follow us on Twitter. We welcome tips, questions, corrections and submissions for “You Tell Us,” our community op-ed page, at staff@oaklandnorth.net. Please keep in touch! – The staff of Oakland North


  1. I would like to submit a news release but do not see where I should send it.

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  6. I am a native of Oakland born and raised who has moved to DC. I welcome keeping updated on Oakland issues. Thank you

  7. what happened to the weekly newsletter?


    Is there a email list or weekly newsletter to sign up for??? This is great ;D!!!

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  10. Carolyn Vallerga

    To rectify your poor photo essay of 94602 I suggest you interview organizations like the Dimond Improvement Association. Include photos of Glenview and Oakmore as you advertised you had but did not. I cannot express how disappointed I am in the cursory attention to the 94602. As a UCB graduate 1969 I am ashamed of this poor work of the UCB Journalism department. You have offended 94602 by just walking down Mac Arthur Blvd without venturing into the districts themselves on Fruitvale Ave.and Park Blvd. The beautiful Dimond Park on Fruitvale Ave should have been included. I am disgusted. Your program has an excellent goal but only if you are accurate. This” photo journalism” has been inaccurate and is so sloppy!!! Shame on you and your department. I donate money to keep UCB current and viable but is this what I get from a world famous school.

  11. Maret Bartlett

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