Oakland voters weigh in on prospects of Proposition 19

To legalize or not to legalize? On November 2, Californinans will vote on Proposition 19, which if passed, would legalize the consumption and sale of recreational marijuana. Oakland North caught up with Oaklanders in Temescal...
"If I wasn't smoking all the time, I'd be throwing up all the time." -Ryan Landers, 39, medical marijuana patient.

Medical marijuana advocate explains stance against Prop 19

As a medical marijuana patient, Ryan Landers relies on the drug to stomach a single meal each day. Despite his support of previous landmark legislation, Landers has taken a stand against Proposition 19, on the...

Pot possibilities: Locals imagine a state with legalized marijuana

Oakland North reporters Abby Baird and Teresa Chin asked a former Bay Area police officer, a smoke shop employee, a retired emergency physician, and a Berkeley parent to share their best guesses about what will...
Graph courtesy of the Drug Policy Alliance.

Studies show African Americans and Latinos disproportionately arrested for marijuana possession

In addition to being a health, economic and legal issue, Proposition 19 has now become a civil rights issue. According to two reports released within the last week by the Drug Policy Alliance and partnering...
Prop. 19 speakers at Oakland City Hall

The Proposition 19 campaign switches into high gear

Oakland City Attorney John Russo joined other law enforcement officials in front of Oakland City Hall today to declare support for the marijuana legalization initiative Proposition 19, which Russo argued would give Californians "a chance...
Oaksterdam University's Richard Lee, a key player in the movement to legalize marijuana in California.

Hashing it out with marijuana activist and educator Richard Lee

Richard Lee is president of Oaksterdam University, a cannabis trade school located in downtown Oakland. He's also a driving force behind the November state ballot initiative to legalize, tax and regulate marijuana in California.