“And that is how you make an Italian Combo!”

In keeping with our new tradition of how-to-make-delicious-food videos, we bring you: How To Make An Italian Combo as instructed by Jeff Williams at Genova Delicatessen in Temescal.


  1. Love this vignette of one of my favorite places. I grew up buying sandwichs from Genoa or the old Lucca which was more or less next where Beebe Memorial is now(the old Senator Theater site)My brother and I would split a sandwich on the way home from swim lessons at Temscal pool back in the ’50’s.Lucca has morphed into Ferrari’s on Piedmont, but Genoa is Genoa, “steady Freedy” always good value.

  2. Lisa

    YUM-YUM! I love Genoa & especially their Italian Combos. Recently went to the “Italian deli” in the Ferry Building in SF — it can’t compare. Genoa is the best! Love the atmosphere there, too.

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