Mercado Latinx gives space for Hispanic vendors to share their culture

Oakland community and entrepreneurs gather for community event

On September 8, Hispanic entrepreneurs came together to sell their wares at the third Mercado Latinx, a bi-monthly market event held in Oakland. Vendors displayed handcrafted goods rooted in their Latinx culture, selling everything from Frida Kahlo- inspired trinkets to thirst quenching lemonades with playful Spanish names like “la loca.”

Elizabeth Miranda, founder of Latinx Mercado, said she received an overwhelming number of inquiries from entrepreneurs who wanted be a part of her event. “I didn’t realize how much of us there are in the Bay Area,” Miranda said. “We all have a passion for what we’re doing, and it’s great to see them talking with people who love their products.”

Miranda said she was happy with the community response, and glad to witness people who don’t identify as Latinx excited by the lifestyle these vendors experience daily. Click the video above to see more from the Latinx Mercado.

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