Radically Fit gym offers inclusive workouts

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Radically Fit is a new community gym in Oakland with a mission to provide
equitable access to exercise spaces. According to founder Lindsey Page, the
gym seeks to focus on the needs of queer and trans people of color, as well as
whom she refers to as big-bodied and fat identifying folks. “It’s about a safe,
communal queer trans POC [People of Color] space that you can go and have a
good time and feel good about something you’ve done during the day,” said

Radically Fit opened earlier this year, emerging from a program Page led at
Bayan Roots, a massage and fitness studio in Oakland. Radically Fit is located in
the Fruitvale neighborhood and offers fitness classes all week, catering to people
with different abilities and using a sliding-scale membership model to make the gym affordable to more people.

During this year’s Oakland Pride festival, Page led a stretch to kick off the annual
5K run at Lake Merritt. Click the audio button at right to learn more about the

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