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Tales of Two Cities Podcast: Repurposing

Tales of Two Cities reporters explore all things repurposed — from buildings and bridges to names, Lyft rides, school meals, and cannabis.

Artists and dancers celebrate culture, community, and the dead on Día de los Muertos

The festival’s theme wove through the 26 altars assembled by local artists as well as artwork created by this year’s poster contest winner Eduardo Chaidez. The poster features an illustrated image of a little girl with Día de los Muertos-inspired face paint and an Oakland T-Shirt, holding a sign that reads “DREAM FOR ALL.”

Community invests in proposed West Oakland grocery store

Ahmadi said he had no choice but to fundraise from residents, rather than taking a more traditional path such as a loan from a bank. On paper, the project showed a high risk of failure “both because it’s a start-up and a low-margin business—also because of the perceptions of the challenges of the neighborhood,” said Ahmadi.