Lillian R. Mongeau

School board confronts rally, budget shortfall, school closures

Enraged teachers rallied before the OUSD school board meeting last night demanding just contracts. At the meeting the board addressed a $14 million district shortfall and the potential closure of Tilden Elementary School, BEST High School, Paul Robeson School of Visual and Performing Arts, and Explore Middle School.

How three well-traveled ingredients end up as lunch in Oakland’s public school cafeterias

The lunchroom at Hoover Elementary School has a long metal counter built into the wall between the lunchroom and the kitchen. There’s an industrial-looking sliding metal door that can be opened for serving food directly from the kitchen, but this serving arrangement is no longer used. In terms of food preparation devices, the kitchen now boasts only a refrigerator and an “oven” that is not equipped to do anything old-fashioned, like bake; it only reheats trays of already-cooked meals. Despite the fact that there is no cooking at Hoover, there are still 325 mouths to feed at breakfast and lunch every day.

12.1.09 Shooting yesterday, AIDS awareness today

There was a shooting in North Oakland yesterday afternoon. Two young men were shot in the 5800 block of Shattuck Avenue according to the report in the Trib. Oakland North’s Becky Palmstrom was on the scene this morning and will have a story up asap. Today is World AIDS Day and a number of events, including free testing are taking place in North Oakland. Among the many events, at 4pm, the Beebe Memorial Church (3900 Telegraph Ave.) is hosting free…

Claremont DMV

The line to get into the Department of Motor Vehicles on Claremont Avenue trailed out of the front doors and down the front of the building on Wednesday morning at 9 am.  It was sunny but chilly, and people huddled in their coats or rubbed their arms to keep warm. Dolores Jones got in line forty minutes before the DMV opened its doors.  She knew it would be a long wait, but was surprised to still be standing outside at…