Ted Trautman


Ted Trautman, a student at UC-Berkeley’s Graduate School of Journalism, thinks the glass is full—half with water, half with air. Before coming to Berkeley, Trautman worked as a freelance writer (publishing in online media such as World Politics Review and the Twin Cities Daily Planet), an editorial intern at Harper’s Magazine, a Peace Corps volunteer, a tutor, a barista and a sign-holder. Trautman has spent several years abroad, in 15 countries on five continents, staying longest in Argentina and Kyrgyzstan. Originally from Minnesota, Trautman’s roots as a Boy Scout—particularly that part about being prepared—inform his work today. His reporting interests are varied—they include transportation, entitlement programs, politics, literature and Central Asian affairs, to name a few—but regardless of the subject, Trautman just tries to tell it like it is.

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