Nina Zou

Omni Commons supporters work to build a free, open community workspace

Every corner in this building has something going on: La Commune, a collectively-run and worker-owned bookstore and café, is turning the entrance into a cozy place which will welcome visitors with a cup of something to drink and something interesting to read. There is a space for Food Not Bombs, a project that brings free…

“Grow a Rainbow” Project aids bees and humans

What if people could create more colorful neighborhoods by simply throwing herb and vegetable seed balls on the ground? What if they could rescue the declining bee population using this method? Or what if someone could throw them from a small airplane to sow an entire field of wildflowers? That’s the goal of the “Grow…

East Bay Mini Maker Faire instills creativity in local youth

Thousands attended the East Bay Mini Maker Faire, an annual gathering of inventors, technologists, engineers, science clubs and artists. The event included 170 projects, such as mini-robots, a home-made butter shaker and a clothing swap.

Transportation fund sales tax increase on ballot

As morning traffic sped down Telegraph one morning a few days ago, a high school student named Alesha was in a group of local people publicly pleading for passage this November of a 1/2 percent county sales tax increase called Measure BB.

Historic Lady Washington tall ship sails into Oakland’s Jack London Square

The 1700s sailed into port at Oakland’s Jack London Square aboard the brig Lady Washington for a nine-day stay this month. With a crew of 13 at her helm, the 112-foot wooden ship, a replica of its namesake from the American Revolutionary War, has been a tour and education site while docked in Oakland. Capt.…

Eight Berkeley Lab scientists present eight game-changing ideas

Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory hosted the “8 Big Ideas” event last Wednesday, as part of its “Science at the Theater” initiative. During the event, eight scientists were invited to present game-changing concepts and progressive ideas in eight minutes each.

Nerds for Nature brings tech and environmental enthusiasts together

A Bay Area collective, Nerds for Nature (N4N), is trying to bridge the gap between techies and nature enthusiasts by designing low-cost equipment—like underwater robots and eco-drones—used to monitor the environment. Comprised of amateur scientists, engineers, ecologists, environmentalists and GIS professionals, N4N gathers once a month in either Oakland or San Francisco to discuss new…

Artist James Gayles fuses watercolor paintings with poetry

When several art forms, disciplines and cultural backgrounds blend, there comes reflection, innovation and imagination. James Gayles, an Oakland-­based Emmy Award-­winning artist and musician, is striving to draw out the aesthetic value hidden in the intersection between painting and literature through a collaborative book he’s titled Reflection. He juxtaposes his own watercolor paintings of iconic…