Police make pot, weapons bust by Lake Merritt

Oakland Police announced today that they had discovered four adult marijuana plants, small bags of marijuana, and eleven firearms,  including assault weapons, at an apartment on Lakeshore Avenue. Oakland police officer Deandre Vantree arrived at the residence after OPD was alerted by a phone call reporting the sound of gunfire, police spokesman Jeff Thomason told reporters this afternoon. According to Thomason, a witness outside the apartment told police that gunfire broke a second-story window around 9:30 AM. Thomason said that after…

Slain student, a taunted outsider, was fighting hard to grow up

17-year old Desiree Davis had spent her childhood excluded and taunted for never quite fitting in. “They gave her a real hard time her whole life,” said her mother, Dru Ann Davis, in an interview at her home this weekend. A Hurricane Katrina survivor, born blind in one eye, Desiree was working to find new strength and identity in Oakland before she was killed last week in a drive-by shooting. Story by S. Howard Bransford/Oakland North.

Slain student’s family had fled New Orleans’ danger

Desiree Davis, the 17 year-old Oakland Tech student killed in a drive-by shooting Monday, had been trapped with her family in Hurricane Katrina’s floodwaters before they sought safety and a new life in California. Her uncle says they tried Santa Cruz for a while, but that Oakland had felt to them more like home.

Neighbors mourn shooting death of Tech student

For nearly a decade, residents living near the intersection of Gaskill and 54th Streets in Northwest Oakland enjoyed a hard-won sense of calm. They’d formed a community police group, discouraged loitering and blatant drug dealing, and a diverse group of new homeowners was infusing money into this section of town, which runs along the Emeryville border. Even the owner of the neighborhood convenience store agreed to stop selling liquor in an effort to reduce crime. Yet on Tuesday, neighbors were…

No signs of boy found in Lake Elizabeth: Search galvanizes community but reveals no clues

Volunteers from throughout the East Bay formed a prayer circle near a reedy lagoon called Lake Elizabeth in Fremont on Saturday morning as they gathered to undertake a grim task. The official goal of the search party—some 100 people strong—was to find the missing five-year-old Hassani Campbell, a Fremont resident who vanished sometime around August 10. Yet in their appeals to a higher power, they were already girding themselves for the chance of finishing empty-handed. “It is our prayer, Lord,…

Attorney Burris: ‘This case is stunning to me’

In an exclusive interview, Oakland attorney John Burris speaks about the recent events surrounding the Hassani Campbell case. Earlier this week the missing child’s foster parents, Jennifer Campbell and Louis Ross, were released after three days in police custody.

No charges against Hassani foster dad

Authorities have declined to charge either of the foster parents jailed last week on suspicion of murdering five-year-old Hassani Campbell, and the Alameda County District Attorney’s Office canceled a scheduled afternoon arraignment of the boy’s foster father today. The Fremont boy’s foster parents, his biological aunt Jennifer Campbell and her fiance Louis Ross, had been arrested and held last week on suspicion of murder.  But Jennifer Campbell was released Monday. This afternoon, after police said there was insufficient evidence to…