Gerlen Anderson, a grandmother of Lakeview Elementary School students, describes feeling left out of the school closure decision-making process during a community meeting at Lakeview.

At Oakland schools on the closure list, distraught pleas to reconsider

The Oakland Unified School District spent a week in October hosting meetings at each public schools recommended for closure: Lakeview, Marshall, Maxwell Park, Lazear and Santa Fe Elementary Schools. These meetings were a chance for...
Lighthouse Mosque in Oakland's Bushrod Neighborhood.

The last days of Ramadan in Oakland

Muslims in Oakland are in the last third of the month of Ramadan--its most intense part, as observers continue to fast during daylight hours, declining both food and water until the sun sets. Daylight, and...
closeup shot of woman painted in mural, arms outstreched

Oakland murals color the urban jungle

Hundreds of street murals brighten Oakland's walls, painted by local artists, graffiti writers and collectives, like the Community Rejuvenation Project. Some are "bombed", i.e. done without permission, on the fly, usually at night. Others are...