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Golden Gate

With fewer officers, Oakland’s policing strategy changes

Since the layoff of 80 police officers, Oakland’s policing strategy has changed, and neighborhood safety groups are grappling with how to react. The Oakland Police Department plans to focus more on emergencies and less on community problem-solving and the investigation of non-violent crimes.

Amidst the anger, Oaklanders peacefully discuss Mehserle verdict

On Thursday afternoon, protestors and media convened in downtown Oakland for what many feared would be a violent reaction to the verdict in the trial of former BART officer Johannes Mehserle. But following the verdict, several Oakland gathering spots offered an alternative to the mass downtown protest, where people could peacefully vent their feelings and talk about the future.

At Lip Service West, everything you hear is true

There are only two requirements to read at Lip Service West: Your story must be true, and can’t be longer than 1,500 words. In this new public reading series sponsored by the San Pablo Arts District Fund, local writers swap tales and bring some nightlife to the Golden Gate neighborhood.

Hearing date for North Oakland gang injunction proposal pushed back

The proposed Oakland gang injunction has, in recent weeks, been the focus of heated listserv debates, community meetings and a rally held Thursday afternoon in front of the Alameda County Superior Court. The injunction, which aims to restrict certain behaviors of members of the North Side Oakland gang, has sparked considerable debate about the balance between crime prevention and individual rights. But supporters and detractors of the injunction will have to wait for a definitive pronouncement on its future.

Not just another wifi shack

Coffee shops used to be the social hub of the community until laptops and wireless Internet turned them into libraries that serve food. In North Oakland, one coffee shop is trying to get the conversation started again. Shilanda Woolridge reports.

Actual Cafe in Golden Gate goes laptop free on the weekends

In an effort to keep Actual Cafe an actual cafe, starting this weekend owner Sal Bednarz will embark upon a month-long social experiment to create the kind of social atmosphere that existed before wireless internet and mobile computers. Bednarz wants people to step away from their Facebook profiles and connect face-to-face.

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