You Tell Us: Save Oakland’s libraries

What does it say about a city of Oakland’s size to have only four libraries left? What does it say to propose closing the Oakland History Room and the African-American Museum and Library? Does it say to the world that our history is not worth preserving and sharing?

You Tell Us: A car accident brings the Temescal together

At around noon on a Saturday two weekends ago there was a major accident in the heart of the Temescal neighborhood. I was waiting for my lunch to arrive at La Calaca Loca when my phone rang. A distraught stylist from 17 Jewels, the hair salon owned by wife Julie Stevens, was on the other end. “Why isn’t she answering her phone? There has been a horrible accident…a truck…in the salon…a man…” said the voice on the phone. It didn’t…

You Tell Us: An empty classroom, and a long waiting list

Next year, Peralta Elementary in North Oakland will have overcrowded classrooms—while one classroom will sit empty. Despite the fact that Oakland Unified has announced a dramatic plan to shield elementary schools from layoffs of credentialed teachers, Peralta is still slated to lose one fully qualified teacher from its small staff of 12.