You Tell Us: Time to get on board with BRT for Oakland

On Tuesday, Oakland is poised to make history with AC Transit. Specifically, International Blvd. is in a position to gain over $150 million of investment, bring in over 300 new, full-time jobs, improve safety from traffic and crime, receive attractive new streetscape (including street re-paving from curb to curb) and become a healthier corridor overall. AC Transit’s proposed “Bus Rapid Transit” (BRT) project will go before the Oakland City Council this Tuesday, and we urge them to vote in support.

You Tell Us: Is Goldman Sachs holding Oakland hostage?

One of the largest banks on the planet, Goldman Sachs refuses to let the City of Oakland refinance the municipal bonds it owns. Holding onto these “toxic assets” has allowed the company to pocket almost $30 million of our money – and to keep profiting at a rate of $5 million a year.

You Tell Us: Questioning the medical marijuana crackdown in California

Going forward, raids on places like Oaksterdam will likely continue, but it is unclear for how much longer they will be tolerated by the public. The raid on Oaksterdam was met with a great deal of public resistance, and it is not just providers and patients who are upset; public support for marijuana legalization has never been higher, especially for medical marijuana.

You Tell Us: Make education available for Oakland’s Burmese refugees

Flickers of Progress – Flickers of Hope: Moving from Crisis to Community Development With Secretary of State Clinton’s recent historic visit to Burma, there appears to be much hope for the future of the people who live in Burma. President Obama called it “flickers of progress.” Meanwhile, refugees who have fled Burma from decades of oppression to live with hope of a better life in Oakland, California, are still facing the risk of becoming a permanent, poverty-stricken underclass. Since 2007,…