Election 2018

Oakland Latinx voters speak about why they voted this midterm election

According to the Pew Research Center, there are over 29.1 million Latinx voters registered to vote in the United States. Oakland North spoke with five local Latinx voters on Election Day and asked them how they are voting on issues like the mayoral race, rent control, and property taxes. Here’s what they said: Jose Lorenzana, 73 “I voted today because I like to fulfill my duties as a citizen. I vote every year. ” Aleah Rosario, 32 “One of the most…

Tens of millions of dollars pour into Prop 8 which seeks to limit dialysis center profits

Billion-dollar dialysis companies and a labor union are spending tens of millions of dollars to sway Proposition 8 votes their way on Election Day. Health experts say the proposition is unlikely to improve care for dialysis patients and may put care out of reach for patients in low-income areas.

But they also say risky practices in the industry put patients’ lives at risk.