Electric scooters: covering the first and last mile in Oakland

Love them or hate them, electric scooters are now a regular sight on city streets across the nation. Since they first came to Oakland this summer, they’ve been operating in a legal gray area—there was no legislation in place to regulate them. That changed in September, when the Oakland City Council passed an ordinance to develop permits for scooter companies.

Guardian Gym provides a safe space for youth in Oakland

Guardian Gym is a free, non-profit sports facility for boys and girls ages 10 to 24. Its founders opened the gym in Oakland after they realized the profound effect that having a safe recreational space and healthy goals had brought to their own lives. They want to bring those same opportunities to young men and women and help them learn that you can be successful on and off the mat by showing up every day.

Men’s volleyball surges into Oakland high school programs

The Oakland Athletic League established men’s volleyball as a California Interscholastic Federation sport three years ago. Oakland High School, Oakland Technical High School, and Skyline High School are the first schools within the league to compete. Oakland High School has dominated the league ever since its debut back in 2015 and has been league’s only champions ever since. This year they look to continue that domination and win the championship once again. Click the video above to hear from the…

Jamtown plans basketball exchange program in Tanzania for Bay Area kids

Ameer Aziz was playing basketball with his 8-year-old son at an Oakland park near 19th Street when he noticed something strange: a man instructing kids about how to play basketball. “Eventually, I walk to him and ask him what was he doing. Was he a coach? And then he spoke with an African accent and said, ‘No, I just like basketball,’” recalled Aziz about the encounter. He remembered thinking it was weird, because the man was doing it for free….

Oakland High School football player talks about his experience in the college recruitment process

For high school football players across the country, it’s an uphill battle as they strive to become Division 1A scholar athletes who will go on to play college football. However, for Siale Liku, a junior offensive and defensive tackle at Oakland High School, this uphill battle might soon become a victory. He is currently being scouted by the University of California Berkeley, University of Oregon, Oregon State University, Fresno State University, San Jose State University, Washington State University, University of…