After a day of voting and campaigning, Oakland celebrates Obama win, waits for local results

The polls have now closed in Oakland, and throughout the city, candidates and voters are awaiting the results of closely-watched local and state races that includ a seven-way race for the District 1 city council set and a closely-matched at-large race, while others have begun celebrating the apparent victory of President Barack Obama, after CNN, NBC, Fox News and CBS all projected a win for the president at approximately 8:15 p.m. Shortly after the opening of the polls in California at…

With absentee ballots and special volunteers, helping the infirm vote

For Oakland’s sick and elderly population, voting today presented a litany of obstacles, from immobility to sickness to mental illnesses. But the Registrar of Voters is tackling what seems to be the biggest hurdle: patients who physically cannot walk to a polling station. “Most people here are in wheelchairs,” said Stephen Kutchko, the director of social services at Kindred Nursing and Rehabilitation Center, on 29th Street near the hospital center in North Oakland. “Most people can’t walk or get out…

Oakland Votes 2012: Liveblogging the election

Oakland North’s reporters will be liveblogging today’s election starting at 3 pm and running … til it’s over! Watch this space for updates throughout the day, and returns and election results starting after 8 pm. Be sure to also check out our Election 2012 page for our previous coverage, including District 1 council candidate profiles, interactive ballot guides and coverage of the school board, City Attorney’s and at-large races.

California live polling returns: Updates begin at 8 pm

Once the polls close, this interactive project will begin to update with live polling results collected in the state of California for the presidential, US Senate, US House and California Assembly races, as well as for the state ballot propositions. All data is drawn from the California Secretary of State. Look for updates beginning at 8 pm Pacific Standard Time

District 1 City Council candidates take questions from Oakland residents

From Fruitvale to Rockridge, Oakland North reporters spoke recently to residents about the city council elections.  We asked everyone the same question: If you could speak directly to the candidates, what would you like to know? We delivered the most frequent of the residents’ questions, in person to the seven candidates for the District 1 City Council seat.  Their edited answers, one question at a time, will appear in Oakland North every week between now and Election Day.  Sam Rolens,…

Meet the Oakland City Council candidates: an interactive map

With four Oakland districts and the Council At-Large seat up for grabs, 25 candidates have all entered the race to join Oakland’s City Council. The following map lists every candidate running in each district, a photo of each candidate, and a brief statement—provided by the candidate—about his or her key goals.