UC Budget Protests

Yudof, students unite over lobbying

As president of the University of California, Mark Yudof has been the target of protests over budget cuts and rising student fees. But in Sacramento, Yudof is applying some pressure of his own. Together with university regents, chancellors, and students, he is asking legislators to direct more money toward higher education.

Student perspective: On March 4 during the freeway takeover, some reporters got the story. Four of them got arrested.

On March 4, hundreds of protesters marched from Berkeley to Frank Ogawa Plaza in Oakland to rally with students and educators from across the region. After the rally, a group of some 150 protesters marched onto the I-880 freeway, shut down traffic and were arrested by police. Some reporters got the story — but four of them, including Oakland North correspondent Jake Schoneker, got arrested. Schoneker shares his account of the day, in pictures and words.

In Sacramento, Democrats support protesters

With more than a thousand students, faculty members and other education advocates rallying outside the state capitol, Democrats seized on the opportunity to voice their support for revenue-raising measures, including the proposed oil extraction tax.