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AIMS community members hold posters and flyers to show their support for the schools during a March 20 OUSD meeting.

Awaiting a charter appeal, AIMS community finishes school year, uncertain of the future

The American Indian Model Schools (AIMS) community is counting down until the last day of school, June 30, which could be the last day of classes for the controversial three-school charter organization.
Karely Ordaz, left, talks to students in her tutoring program, Golden Eagles, at AIPCS II.

An AIMS graduate returns to help her school through challenging times

Karely Ordaz remembers the first time she realized that good grades had good consequences. She was an eighth grader at Oakland Charter Academy and she had just found out that she was one of ten...
AIMS board chairperson Jean Martinez looks on as attorney Paul Minney addresses the OUSD board at the Sept. 27 board meeting. Photo by Lauren Kawana.

American Indian Model Schools file response to allegations of financial, organizational misconduct

Administrators at the American Indian Model Schools—a set of three Oakland charter schools, two middle schools and one high school—responded late Monday night to a 1,080-page notice of violations given to them by the Oakland...

School board considers charter petitions for two schools in East Oakland

As part of a packed agenda, on Wednesday night the Oakland school board heard presentations from two East Oakland charter schools hoping the board will grant them charter approval: American Indian Public High School and...