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Tales of Two Cities Podcast: Repurposing

Tales of Two Cities reporters explore all things repurposed -- from buildings and bridges to names, Lyft rides, school meals, and cannabis.
Urban Peace Movement's youth member Joel Reyes facilitates a chess lesson for DetermiNation Black Men's Group. Photo by Prince White.

School suspensions cost communities and unfairly affect minorities, experts say

A recent study suggests that not only do suspensions take a toll on students, they place a financial burden on their communities. In March, the California Dropout Research Project at UC Santa Barbara and the...

Eric Maundu greens up Oakland at Kijani Grows

Out of a small section of warehouse space in West Oakland, Eric Maundu is growing a big dream. He wants to make it possible for almost anyone to grow food in an economical, energy efficient...

Education conference shines light on multicultural teaching

Over 1,000 scholars, students, and parents attended the five-day National Association of Multicultural Education (NAME) conference, held at the Oakland Marriott City Center, which featured panels, interactive workshops, school tours, and film screenings.
Jackie Chen, 16, of Oakland High, looks on as her classmate, Charavult Jesse Sovey, 17, fills out his ballot.

High school students cast ballots at Oakland Youth Vote Forum

Oakland high schoolers listened to school board and city council hopefuls speak at a Youth Vote Forum on Tuesday evening at Castlemont High School and placed their votes for their candidates of choice.
Chinyere Tutashinda passes out visitor passes and peacekeeping positions at Castlemont High School in East Oakland.

At Castlemont, new school year brings changes, challenges

As Norman Ospina, the school attendance clerk and a translator at Castlemont High School in East Oakland, crossed the courtyard on a crisp overcast fall morning, he spotted a young man he believed had been...

Encampment continues at Lakeview as protesters demand district reopen closed schools

On Tuesday a second “stay away” order was issued by the Oakland Unified School District to protesters currently occupying the Lakeview Elementary School property but a small group of people continued to camp on the...

Oakland school board to review school closures list, terms better defined

The preliminary list of OUSD schools recommended for closure three weeks has changed. Now five elementary schools are recommended for closure while two others are being proposed for "quality expansion."
Nikita Mitchell

School board opener brings harsh budget news

Despite many heartfelt pleas to keep arts programs and continue running early childhood development centers, Superintendent Tony Smith told the audience at Wednesday night's school board meeting that there just isn't enough money for all...