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Metropolitan Transportation Commission debates proposal to create new seats for Oakland and San Jose

At its last meeting of the year, the Metropolitan Transportation Commission (MTC) debated over whether a controversial proposal to create two new commission seats for Oakland and San Jose should be included in the commission’s 2012 legislative program—a package of proposed measures that the commission seeks to support or sponsor in the coming year. The…

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BART Airport Connector breaks ground in Oakland

Community leaders and officials from all levels of government symbolically break ground to commemorate the new Oakland Airport Connector.

After more than two decades of debate and a recent sprint for the final bits of funding, on Wednesday a group of local, state, and federal officials broke ground to mark the start of construction on BART’s long-awaited Oakland Airport Connector. A dozen local political officials donned hardhats and gathered around a mound of dirt tidily piled in a corner of the station’s parking lot; in unison, they sank the golden blades of their ceremonial shovels into the earth.

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Work could start soon on costly BART airport tram

Oakland Airport Connector

The controversial Airport Connector, a tram that would connect BART to Oakland’s airport, could soon be under construction after a decades-long debate. “For the first time in the 25-year history of this project,” a BART spokesman says, “we may be seeing shovels hit the ground in the next month or two.”

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