Nigel Manuel

Oakland North spotlight: Sacred Wheel

Sacred Wheel, an unpretentious cheese shop in Temescal, offers a funky menu featuring Pabst Blue Ribbon tomato soup, pickled eggs, and a Sriracha-infused sloppy Joe on what the menu calls “the trashiest bun we could find.” The eclectic menu is mirrored in the décor (a toy dinosaur with a chunk of cheese in its jaws…

Law enforcement releases arrest figures, charges for Ferguson support protesters

As many as 170 people were arrested in Oakland after protests erupted in the days following a grand jury decision in Missouri to not indict the officer responsible for the death of Michael Brown. Over three nights, arrests were made in connection with vandalism in the Temescal and downtown areas, as well as attempts to shut down local freeways.

Mayoral candidate: Rebecca Kaplan

Oakland city councilmember at-large Rebecca Kaplan was the first out lesbian elected to office in Oakland when she joined the city council in 2008. Now, at age 44, she has another goal for change: to become Oakland’s mayor.

Tenant protection ordinance passes at Oakland’s city council meeting

“Hey hey, ho ho, it’s time to pass the TPO!” The chant rang out in front of Oakland City Hall, inside the building itself, and in the city council chambers as marchers in support of the Tenant Protection Ordinance made their way to Tuesday night’s council meeting. At the council’s final meeting before the November…

Mayoral candidates prep for the return of ranked choice voting

Ranked choice voting, also known as instant run off voting, changed the face of the 2010 Oakland mayoral election. As 2014 elections approach, many of this year’s mayoral candidates are approaching their campaigns with the new system in mind.

BART system delayed as police investigate gun report

BART commuters experienced a system-wide delay Thursday morning as the BART Police Department investigated a report of a man with a gun possibly boarding a train. BART spokesperson Alicia Trost said a rider called shortly before 8 a.m., reporting possibly having seen a man with a gun outside the Richmond BART station. The rider thought…

Volunteers tidy Oakland shoreline

Volunteers for the 30th annual Creek to Bay Day clean up Oakland’s Martin Luther King Jr. Regional Shoreline.