Alissa Greenberg

The Canopy seeks to build a tech-enabled cooperative living space

“What is happening in there?” This is the question that Aubrey Vora, who has an unusual job title in a brand-new Oakland communal living setup, hopes people will ask as they walk by “The Canopy,” a tall building with barred windows four blocks from the Lake Merritt BART station. Vora has been designated one of two “House Catalysts” for The Canopy, meaning that she will help steer the house culture and select its 7-10 new residents, who will move in…

City celebrates new Kiva Zip-funded local businesses

The Authentic Bagel Company was one of 12 Oakland-bred businesses honored last week at a party for a special program that helps entrepreneurs gather zero-interest startup funds through online crowd-funding. Other entrepreneurs at the party have founded businesses that provide art and gallery space, small-batch kombucha, handmade corn chips, vintage clothes and ethically sourced chocolate.

Sarah Kagan brings vegan Kosher desserts to Oakland

Vegan burgers and soul food and burritos (oy vey!) … This week, Oakland’s plant-based eaters add another nosh to the list. Sarah Kagan, 26, launched Kosher* vegan catering business, Sarah Sunshine, just in time for the Jewish New Year, Rosh Hashana.* Rosh Hashana, which fell on September 24, 2014, celebrates the start of the Jewish new year, 5775. It is followed by ten days of atonement, which ends in one of the holiest days under Jewish tradition, Yom Kippur. Fish-free…