Grub O.N.

Summer treat series: Refreshing drinks

Throughout the month of June, Oakland North is featuring a weekly food and drink series of summer treats that can be found in Oakland. This fourth installment focuses on cool beverages that can be found all over the city and includes watermelon slushy with boba pearls, minty lemonade, Vietnamese sugar cane juice and a traditional Mexican drink made from sweet fermented corn poured over shaved ice.

Restaurant options for a Thanksgiving night out

Hi Oakland North readers — this article appeared in 2010. If you are looking for Thanksgiving restaurant information for the year 2012, click here. Thanksgiving is a time for giving thanks, family… and food. From pumpkin pie to turkey, Thanksgiving is as much about the food as the fellowship. But while there are those of us who delight in crafting the perfect meal, we here at Oakland North know that some prefer not to spend their Turkey Day in the…

3:22:10: The Hunger

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Community recipe: Curried Pork

Another recipe for the Oakland North collection comes from Oakland resident Kerry Thett. “As a homegrown Texas girl, I am familiar with crockpot cooking. Now that I have been transplanted to California and have a very busy job, I want to eat hearty, but healthy. Plus I recently began dating a guy from India. What a huge culture clash!  I attempted to learn to cook Indian cuisine, but found it utterly time consuming and often, not too healthy. I found…