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Summer treat series: Refreshing drinks

Throughout the month of June, Oakland North is featuring a weekly food and drink series of summer treats that can be found in Oakland. This fourth installment focuses on cool beverages that can be found all over the city and includes watermelon slushy with boba pearls, minty lemonade, Vietnamese sugar cane juice and a traditional Mexican drink made from sweet fermented corn poured over shaved ice.

Mac-and-cheese joint opens in time for winter’s late arrival

If the week’s sudden turn to winter has you hankering for some comfort food, you’re in luck. Homeroom, Oakland’s newest restaurant, specializes in everyone’s favorite comfort food: macaroni and cheese. After a scrape with McDonalds, and a couple years of planning, building and recipe-testing, Allison Arevalo and Erin Wade opened the doors to cheesy goodness on Tuesday.

Today’s Community Cookbook: Grandma Ruby’s Chili

This chili recipe comes to us from one of the chilliest states in the union: Minnesota. Transportation reporter Ted Trautman tells us it serves five for one dinner or one hungry (and broke) graduate student for a whole week. Got a great bread recipe to go with it? Email it to; Subject: RECIPE.

And the brussels sprouts…

What are you planning on for Thanksgiving dinner? I asked some folks right here on Berkeley’s campus, what they were most looking forward to. Click play to hear their answers. GLUTTONY.mp3|What are you having for Thanksgiving?|Recorded and mixed by Lillian Mongeau GLUTTONY.mp3|What are you having for Thanksgiving?|Recorded and mixed by Lillian Mongeau

Restaurant options for a Thanksgiving night out

Hi Oakland North readers — this article appeared in 2010. If you are looking for Thanksgiving restaurant information for the year 2012, click here. Thanksgiving is a time for giving thanks, family… and food. From pumpkin pie to turkey, Thanksgiving is as much about the food as the fellowship. But while there are those of us who delight in crafting the perfect meal, we here at Oakland North know that some prefer not to spend their Turkey Day in the…

Oakland’s neighbor, Emeryville, cracks down on food trucks

Many of the food trucks we see cruising around Oakland, like Jon’s Street Eats and Seoul on Wheels, post up in Emeryville during the lunch rush. In addition to being full of office parks with lots of hungry customers, Emeryville also has a streamlined permitting process that makes it easier for these mobile restaurants to park, cook and serve. But this may all change. According to an article in SF Weekly’s SFoodie blog, the Emeryville City Council is looking at…

A tasting tour on two wheels

Fine wine, microbrews and delicatessen chocolate never tasted so good with a little bike grease. In conjunction with the Eat Real Festival last Saturday at Jack London Square, 13 two-wheeled foodies pedaled along Oakland’s waterfront to meet the neighborhood’s culinary artisans and sample their creations.

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