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Tales of Two Cities Podcast: Repurposing

Tales of Two Cities reporters explore all things repurposed -- from buildings and bridges to names, Lyft rides, school meals, and cannabis.
The Bay Bridge will be closed from Wednesday, Aug. 28 to Tuesday, Sept. 3.

Commuters sound off on Bay Bridge closure

The San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge will be shut down Wednesday night for a five-day construction project by Caltrans, the Bay Area Toll Authority and the California Transportation Commission.
Oakland's City Council debates the language of a project labor agreement.

Council approves labor agreement for Oakland Army Base redevelopment

Oakland city councilmembers approved a set of hiring and staffing policies on Tuesday to ensure a local workforce for the redevelopment project at the former Oakland Army Base.

Bridge toll increase causing turmoil in the casual carpool community

During the morning rush hour, commuters in cities across the East Bay climb into a stranger’s car. It’s part of casual carpooling, an informal ride-share system to save time and money while crossing the Bay...