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Coming soon to Oakland: the Black Choreographers Festival

Dance professor Julia Hughes is finishing a rehearsal in a big circle in the center of a studio. “Breathe in, breathe out,” she says. “Let’s leave all our bad energies and refresh by saying something we are thankful for!” This is the first time that her group, Tô Aí: We Are One People, will be…

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AXIS: A dance company for every body

Axis dancers practicing for an upcoming show.

Oakland is home to many diverse dance companies that travel the world performing unique choreography for all to see, but one group stands out from the rest: AXIS. Nearing their 30th anniversary, this physically-integrated repertory company has both disabled and non-disabled dancers. With their performing season rapidly approaching, AXIS welcomes a new company member to the dance floor.…

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West African dance takes over Oakland

For one night, dancers at Oakland’s Skyline High School transported the auditorium’s occupants to the shores of West Africa with rhythmic drumming that reverberated through the room. Dancers stomped and moved rapidly across the stage, their energy captivating their audience. Then came the mystical sounds of the Kura, a West African 21-string instrument, which when…

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