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Video Lab covers current stories from the Bay Area and beyond. In this edition of Video Lab. learn about the controversy surrounding the Hollywood sign, a nonpartisan news app covering the battle over free speech in Berkeley, Oakland’s soon-to-be only remaining professional sports team, and an Oakland studio that’s transforming dance. Produced and reported by Angeline Bernabe,…

Sandra Johnson needs a job: Finding work after incarceration

Sandra Johnson needs a job, desperately. The formerly incarcerated 59-year-old Oakland woman is now a City College of San Francisco student, but needs to find work as well. In June, the Alameda County Board of Supervisors voted unanimously in favor of establishing a new re-entry hiring program that aims to create 1,400 county job opportunities for the formerly incarcerated.

Climbing stairs at Joaquin Miller Park

A 30-something, slightly overweight woman clad in yoga pants, Adidas and an electric blue athletic pullover, as if she frequents an overpriced workout class, stares begrudgingly at the stairs before her. She waits, looking at those stairs, like they have done something personally to her. Finally, after what feels like 30 minutes, she lets out…

Women react to Trump presidency: “Sexism and racism won last night.”

Betsy Butler, Catherine Hooper and Alison Knowles all thought they would turn on the TV this morning to see Hillary Clinton become President-elect of the United States. Instead they woke up to the reality of a Donald Trump presidency, and have spent the day grappling with feelings of shock and disappointment as they pondered how…

Oakland residents weigh in on issues they believe affect the city

Reaching for the moon was the theme for Oakland Mayor Libby Schaaf’s annual State of the City address on October 14, as she introduced the “Oakland Thrives Moon Shot,” a slate of goals to guide her office for the coming year.

Oakland students debate proposed tax on sugary beverages

Two weeks before November’s national election, two Bay Area Urban Debate League members debated a hot local ballot measure in downtown Oakland. Megan Ma and Aiden Koontz, both Oakland Tech High School students, took the podium to present and argue opposing sides of Measure HH, a proposed tax on soda. Measure HH has become one…

Schaaf talks Oakland ‘moon shot’ at State of City

Schaaf opened her State of the City speech with a clip of President John F. Kennedy’s famous “moon shot” speech at Rice University in 1962, during which he promised Americans that the United States would put a man on the moon.

Measure KK aims to solve Oakland’s pothole problems

In November, voters will decide on Measure KK, which asks if the city should approve a general bond that would invest up to $600 million for street and sidewalk repairs and to fix aging public buildings and parks.

City Council votes on parking changes, opposes closure of Alta Bates

At the Oakland City Council meeting on Tuesday night, the council approved major reductions in parking requirements for new building construction, while nurses clad in scrubs gave a passionate plea to the council, asking them to oppose the closure of Alta Bates Summit Medical Center. In a unanimous vote, with Councilmember Larry Reid (District 7)…

Oakland grocers raise concerns about soda tax Measure HH

Thirty-five years ago, Abdul Talev’s grandfather opened a small grocery store in the Fruitvale neighborhood of Oakland. Today, with the family business in his care, Talev is worried a new soda tax will cause him to lose business, or even worse, force him to close his doors.  The controversial tax Talev is referring to is…

Oakland City Attorney to add divisions to her office

Oakland City Attorney Barbara Parker has decided to double down in her efforts to secure economic and social justice for Oakland residents by doubling the divisions in her office.