One of the newest Korean Restaurants in Temescal

Suk Lee opened Casserole House on Telegraph Avenue just over a year ago. It’s one of the newest Korean restaurants in Temescal and features home style Jeongol (Korean word for casserole). In this audio piece, she invites us into her kitchen and shows us one of her specialty Jeongol dishes.

California Roll world record broken at Cal

Over 350 lively people made up of fraternities, sororities, campus clubs, individual students, and community members registered for the event at UC Berkeley’s Sproul Plaza on Sunday afternoon. Each was hopeful that they would beat the Maui, Hawaii contingent that set the last record with a 300 foot-long California Roll in 2001.

Summer’s best friend likes fall too

For Ici Ice Cream co-owner, Mattea Soreng, the rainy weather and cool temperature is no deterring factor when it comes to selling cold stuff. Rain or shine, the lines at Soreng’s little parlor, which Soreng and Mary Canales opened three years ago on College and Ashby Avenues, never stops. “Yesterday we sold 325 cones, and that doesn’t include people who got cups, or people who bought bombes or bites,” Soreng said. That’s 34 cones an hour. A “bombe” in Ici lingo is two layers of ice cream…

At Taste of Temescal, diversity of food abounds

The diverse atmosphere of Temescal was replicated last night by the restaurants — from Mexican food to Indian food to Bake Sale Betty and ice cream sorbets. As the playwright George Bernard Shaw once said: “There is no sincerer love than the love of food.”

Meet Serina Elliott, future kitchen champion

In this video, we follow Serina Elliott, a Kitchen of Champions student from North Oakland’s Golden Gate neighborhood. Just four weeks into her program, Elliot aspires to one day become “a Food Network star.”

Bread Garden (not them, too!) considers shutdown

After 33 years, the owner of the Bread Garden bakery is considering closing down his shop. The bakery that in the 1970s helped ignite the Bay Area artisan bread trend is now in danger of becoming a victim of its own success.