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Mayoral candidate: Joe Tuman

The issues for Tuman are public safety and economic development. In his view, the absence of economic development keeps part of the city in poverty and poverty is at the root of most crime. The absence of economic development also means that the city does not have the tax base and revenue growth that it needs to afford sufficient numbers of police officers to respond to a growing crime problem.

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Trailing mayoral candidates remain hopeful

Quan campaign

Despite a clear leader, Oakland’s mayoral race is not over. Don Perata holds a 13 percent lead over his nearest competitor, but he is about 14 percentage points short of a “50 percent plus one” majority, meaning the race will be determined Friday by a ranked choice voting run-off. The run-off scenario leaves hope for…

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Oakland voters name their top mayoral picks

Oaklanders like Gene Stuckey offer their perspectives on the city's upcoming mayoral race.

Ten candidates, one mayoral race. As November 2 approaches, which of these candidates is making an impression on the people of Oakland? Twelve days before the 2010 election, Oakland North went to the corner of 51st street and Telegraph to find out.

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