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Oakland’s Queer Gym reacts to Trump’s rollback of transgender rights

A sign saying "#nohomophobia #notransphobia #nofatphobia #noislamophobia #nogymcreepers #nomansplaining" at Oakland's Queer Gym. Taken from the video by Angeline Bernabe and Jackeline Luna.

In Oakland, the Queer Gym is coping with President Donald Trump’s recent rollback to former President Barack Obama’s guidelines last year on transgender bathrooms.  The 2016 guideline allowed transgender students in public schools to use the bathroom corresponding to the gender they identify with.  Members from the Queer Gym, previously known as the Perfect Sidekick…

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Oakland schools make LGBTQ representation a priority in history curriculums

While the FAIR Act mandates schools in California to update their curriculum, the state didn't give schools resources or funds to buy new textbooks or other resources.

California’s FAIR Act is an attempt to diversify history curriculum—specifically, to represent in history lessons people who are lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender and people with disabilities. The FAIR Education Act, or SB 48, went into effect on January 1, 2012. The law requires elementary, middle and high schools to represent these groups in history curriculum in a way that is “fair, accurate, inclusive and respectful”—or FAIR.

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LGBTQ youth congregate to share poetry

In a brightly decorated room in the event space Oakstop, seven teenagers laugh with one another as they share anecdotes from the past week. A box of pizza balances on the table next to the entrance. The young people, ages 13 to 19, circle around an oblong table, some chatting, others writing or drawing in…

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